• Royalty Black & Gold

    Royalty Black & Gold

    • 25ml Royalty Black
    • 25ml Royalty Caramel

    Build in frozen shot glass (Royalty Caramel first, add Royalty black slowly)

  • Royalty Caramel Coffee

    Royalty Caramel Coffee

    • 10 gr Cane sugar
    • 50ml Royalty Caramel
    • 50ml Coffee
    • 20ml unsweetened
    • Whipped cream

    Shake with ice

  • Pecan Caramel Royalty Martini

    Pecan Caramel Royalty Martini

    • 3 pecan nuts
    • 35ml Royalty Caramel
    • 35ml coffee liqueur
    • 10ml cream
    • 3 ice cubes

    Mix in blender with ice

  • Royalty Caramel & Cola

    Royalty Caramel & Cola

    • 60ml Royalty Caramel
    • Cola

    Build over ice

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