• Royalty Lime & Soda

    Royalty Lime & Soda

    • 60ml Royalty Lime
    • Soda water

    Build over ice

  • Royalty Lime Mojito

    Royalty Lime Mojito

    • 80ml Royalty Lime
    • 6 mint leaves
    • Soda water

    Muddle mint leaves, fill with ice, add Royalty Lime, top with soda water

  • Royalty Mule

    Royalty Mule

    • 80ml Royalty Lime
    • 80ml Ginger Ale

    Build over ice, garnish with lime slice

  • Royalty Lime on the Rocks

    Royalty Lime on the Rocks

    • 100ml Royalty Lime

    Add to rocks glass filled with ice

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