• Royalty Black Russian

    Royalty Black Russian

    • 50 ml Royalty Vodka¬†
    • 20ml coffee liqueur

    Build over ice

  • Royalty Cosmopolitan

    Royalty Cosmopolitan

    • 50ml Royalty Vodka
    • 30ml cranberry juice
    • 15ml lime juice
    • 15ml triple Sec

    Shake with ice, garnish with orange peel

  • Royalty Screwdriver

    Royalty Screwdriver

    • 50ml Royalty Vodka
    • 150ml orange juice

    Build over ice, stir, garnish with orange slice

  • Royalty Sea Breeze

    Royalty Sea Breeze

    • 50ml Royalty Vodka
    • 120ml cranberry juice
    • 30ml grapefruit juice

    Build over ice, stir, garnish with lime slice

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